Friday, January 8, 2010

Burnt Toast

Question: If you have dry toasted toast in the toaster, why would you toast it again? To catch the toaster on fire?
I always wounder what the thinking is that brings a child to do what they do. Was it to see if it was still good? Were they going to eat it if it was? Were they bored and waiting for more bread to be cut? Maybe they just pushed down the handle because they could. Whatever the reason, we now only have one toaster to get us through until garage sales start next spring.
The first week after Christmas vacation was hard to settle the children back into school. We moved our school back into the original room we had built when be moved here 8 yeas ago. We had to abandon it this year because of a knee injury that made it impossible for me to get down the steps to the room. The cement floor was very hard on my knee, too. I figured out how to arrange the room so I can get around in a wheelchair and have all the kids together again in the same place. The children were happy to be back into their school space again.

We also had our first fire drill this week. In addition to moving our school back, we set up an area for baking with a new gas oven. (I was jealous of the Durgard Family Kitchen) Forgetting how much faster gas is then electric, I put my raised bread in the cool oven and turned it to 425 for 10 min, then I lover it to 325 for 35 min. We broke for lunch, I put the bread in and left the area. 15 min latter smoke was pouring into the house through the laundry room from the school.

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